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we just love ice cream!

Introducing Miharu!

Named after the beauty of sunshine and the feeling you get when it hugs your skin.

Owners Dipen and Jessica have shared their dream for only a few short years, but both

have had the passion and determination for business and sweets their whole lives.


Dipen and Jessica met working at an ice cream shop. Over time, they discovered a mutual

passion for unique flavor pairings and a desire to share their creations with others.

This spark set in an idea that would light their way. The two spent the next few years

sharing ice cream recipes and potential business plans. With the determination of staying

true to themselves, they persevered to create their own ice cream experience.

Drawing from each of their backgrounds from iconic sweets to internationally inspired flavors,

a unique and unforgettable experience was coming to fruition. Much like their partnership, the fun offbeat combinations create a warm beautiful harmony that tells of sun-shining days.

our little kitchen

it's what's on the inside that counts

After those few years, Dipen and Jessica decided it was time to bring the results of their hard work into fruition. With no time better than the present, they set to work on reality. Ice cream is such a universal treat with infinite options of where to buy and what to enjoy. It was a challenge to decide which avenue to take. Recognizing the new dominance of delivery, Dipen held onto the spark. Dipen wanted to bring the ice cream shop experience right to the people. Excited with the new prospect they focused on that special feeling of sundaes and cones. With Oakland being the perfect spot to bring fun yet unique treats they finally had all the ingredients for their sundae.

Now that we just gave you the whole scoop, are you ready for seconds? Bring Miharu Ice Cream to your very couch where you can enjoy every bite of an ice cream shop with all the comforts of home.

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